It is rightly said that, a well-balanced diet is the key to a healthy life. It provides you with the energy and the nutrients required for growth and repair of the body, which will eventually lead to an active day and routine. Healthy eating has many other benefits, when we eat well it directly co-relates to our mental and physical health, this adds up to healthier, happier lives.

Eating healthy is not about cutting out foods, it’s about eating a variety of food in the right amount to give your body what it needs. It should include a range of interesting and tasty food that can make up a balanced diet.

Healthy eating should be an enjoyable social experience that develops a good relation with food.


A diet consisting of a variety of different types of food which provides necessary nutrients in an adequate amount needed by the body. For maintaining good health balanced diet plays a vital role as it regulates the functioning of the body and maintains the overall health.

To get the right amount of nutrients most of the calories should come from fruits, vegetable, whole grains, nuts etc. Calories referred to the amount of energy stored in the food and that energy is used by the body to perform various functions. In the absence of balanced nutrition, the body becomes vulnerable and more prone to diseases. Hence, it is important to maintain a well-balanced diet.


A healthy balanced diet will include the following nutrients -Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates and healthy fats. These essential nutrients are found from the following groups: –

    1. Fruits – They are nutritious and can make a tasty snack. Seasonal found locally provides more nutrients. They possess natural sugar which will boost body’s supply of necessary minerals and anti-oxidants.
    2. Vegetables – They are the key source of essential vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidants. They offer a wide variety and range of vegetable with different color for full range of nutrients. These can be used in many dishes and salad preparations.
    3. Whole grains – The most common grains used are usually in the refined form, where the hull (outer cover) is removed. But actually, the whole grain including hull has more nutritional value. It provides additional vitamins, minerals and fibers
      to enhance the flavors and texture of a dish.
    4. Proteins – Tow primary sources of proteins are meat and beans. They help on healing wounds and muscle maintenance further these are divided in animal protein and plant-based protein. While animal protein includes meat, poultry and fish. Plant-based protein includes nuts, beans and soy products.
    5. Dairy – Dairy products provides essential nutrients including, protein, calcium and vitamin-D. They also contain fat which satisfy the body’s  need for nutrients.
    6. Fats and Oils – Fat is essential for energy and body cell health, but the intake should be limited, to avoid adverse effects. However, trans-fat which are found in fried food and confectioneries should still be avoided.


Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables increase your overall health, boost immunity and speeds up the various functions performed by the body. They are loaded with anti-oxidants which is helpful in neutralizing free radicals and reduces damage to the cells. The other essential nutrients help to maintain healthy balance of the body as well as improve the condition of the skin. Intake of well-balanced diet will result in a long and healthy life.


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Let’s change our lives into a healthy routine, that includes a lot of greens and ample amount of exercise to boost up the immunity and enhance the personality.

Eat healthy grow healthy stay healthy !!!

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