The modern etiquette for serving the culinary service has changed over a period of time. In the past, dining out was restricted only for special occasions or ceremonies. Home cooked food was preferred mostly which was rich in nutrients namely proteins, carbs, fats and calories. The people back then knew no concept of dieting or calorie control. Today, the generation is more inclined towards maintaining fitness and are more conscious about the food they eat, how much calories they intake and adapting new dieting regime.

On the contrary people still enjoy eating outside food and if they are offered a variety for their varied preferences then, for them it will be like icing on the cake.

Many service providers offer a lot of options for health-conscious customers, which is best termed as customized dietary food. This service is offered by only those caterers, who upgrade themselves with the latest trends.

When an event is planned at special venue for special purpose, the caterers hold a big responsibility on their shoulders to manage the clients taste and preferences as per the event. They also need to ensure the client that their specifications regarding allergies and diet are taken care of and offer a range of a great platter variety, which will include dishes such as vegetarian platter, gluten free or soy free and paleo dieting. The chef InCharge crafts out the best menu to make the food experience a memorable one.

For good business opportunities, it is important to include variety of services to reach the masses with the right kind of service they are looking out for. To stand out from the others, the best way is to connect with customers and discuss their requests and choices. This will eventually strengthen your customer service and boost your brand name globally in the catering industry.

There are a number of ways to engage your clients with the menu that you offer. Following are few useful tips to get accustomed with the client’s preferences: –


It is the most important task for the caterer to listen and understand the concern of the clients to serve them better.


The next step is to offer the clients with all the
options and alternatives that you have in store.


Make sure to enquirer about any allergies or special dietary needs to make for cosines that they are expecting.


After undertaking proper research, craft the final product with presentation to satisfy the clients.

The best caterer knows how to make their clients happy and fulfill all their needs. Being informed is yet another way to stay connected to your staff, who helps you to achieve the desired results. Keep the lines of communication open among staff members too, so that they have a clear picture of the plan that need to undertake and execute.

The entire work will not end without a question answer session, so before you serve the special platter to your clients table stay updated about the things used in it. Also, there will be customers who will inform their concerns at the time of ordering so be prepared for some on the spot add-ons and requests.

If you cannot engage them with the entire course meal to meet their dietary options then a customized salad can just do the piece of work. This will give them a sigh of relief. The meal may not be perfect, but can still convey the level of service and commitment that you show to them by serving the food which is just rightly served with the right amount of benefit to make their day just right.

necessary measures to give you a helping hand when in need. For all your dietary solutions, talk to the experts and discuss your concerns to get your customized meals to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

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