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Our Hospitality service places great importance on complying with all legal requirements, and to achieve this, we have a dedicated compliance team that focuses on Corporate Governance, Statutory Governance, and Legal Governance.
Statutory & Legal Compliances
  • Minimum wages
  • Logical implementation, administration and payment of ESI and PF
  • Speedy payment of other legal responsibilities such as PT and LWF
  • All applicable licenses to run a canteen operation procured
  • Registration and payment of GST
  • Timely medical check-ups, food and water sampling
  • Perpetuation and updation of all legal records and files for every procedure
Corporate Governance
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Confidentiality and Information Security Agreement
  • Child Labour policy
  • Prohibition of Abusive Language policy
  • Prohibition of Alcohol and Tobacco policy
  • Workplace Security Policy
  • Non-discrimination Policy