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Hospital Food Service – In hospitals, we believe Right Diet for Right Patient is not less than Medicine – for patients, visitors, and the medical staff. A patient recovering from an illness must be properly fed. With our expertise, experience, and passion for food, we ensure patient food is nutritious and safe. We also ensure that the medical practitioners and other medical staff also get their bit of nutrition and variety for them to be able to cater to the demanding work nature. With long of experience in this specialist sector, we understand our clients’ unique needs – and fulfil them efficiently, safely and cost effectively with dedicated, professional and passionate people who love what they do, and with services customised to a client’s facility.

Patients’ Diet Food:
  • Creating a nutritious menu for the speedy recovery of patients.
  • Innovative fresh new menu according to dictation/ doctor’s recommendations.
  • Experience professional chefs make sure of the stander of preparing food methods and their nutrition values.

       “A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

Attendant Food
  • Paying thorough attention to the attendant’s food.
  • Serving food for unique dining experiences.
  • Delivering impeccable food services to make the stay comfortable.

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have”

Hospital Staff and Management Food:
  • Satisfying our clients unique test birds through preparing innovating recipes.
  • Making delicious meals and serves for medical practitioners and others medical staffs to get their bit of nutrition.
  • Timely served all meals to understand their demanding work nature.  

       “The greatest wealth is Health.”

Hospital Cafeteria:
  • Wide range of delicious healthy food options availed.
  • Foods daily freshly prepare with healthy ingredients.
  • Ensue the special hygiene and cleanliness.

Your diet is a bank account.

Good food choices are good investments.

Hospital Doctors Food:
  • Develop recipes that contain more fruits, vegetables and whole grains which helps better nutritious.
  • Using fresh, healthy, flavourful ingredients for preparation meal.
  • Delivers remarkable experiences through culinary passion.

       You don’t have to eat less; you just have to eat right.

Hospital Events & Parties
  • Making food colorful and healthy with vegetables and fruits.
  • Designing menus for hospital events while keeping a check on every minute detail.
  • Driven by discipline allowing us to organize hospital events & parties with delectable meals.

Your body deserves the best, give it the nourishment it needs with healthy and delicious food choices.

Special Features

For the smooth flow of operations in hospital kitchens, we provide superior quality kitchen equipment enabling the kitchen staff to deliver timely services to patients.
Infrastructure of Kitchen
Since a kitchen is one of the most critical zones in a hospital, we take care of its infrastructure in detail and provide integrated design and primary care services.
Aastha Hospitality proficiently caters to the architectural needs of hospitals and provides its own architect to fulfill all the basic requirements.
Branded Grocery & Perishable Items
Branded Grocery & Perishable Items
We handpick branded and fresh grocery items to compose healthy meals and deliver a healthy dining experience for patient’s speedy recovery.
Customized menu
Customized menu
Understanding the needs of our consumers, we customize food menus recommended by doctors and dieticians.
Hospital Staff and Management Food
Hospital cafeteria
Laying more emphasis on making the hospital cafeteria food healthier and nutritious. We believe in the well-maintained hospital cafeteria.